Rugby League Betting

Within the last 12 months at NSI Rugby betting has been increasingly used for bets aimed at generating long-term growth. There are factors to this sport that actually make it inherently favourable over football in terms of the outright / match result market. Rugby league is the focus as due to fewer players in total [4] which reduces risk and complexity for certain markets.

In terms of reasoning it is a no-brainer. Due to the points tally in Rugby you are less likely to get a draw and therefore the result tends to go 2 ways in way that’s different from football. With the number of goals in a football match involved a team that it leading for nearly all of the match can lose you a bet due to a last minute goal as they have not killed a game off.

With football a team leading 1-0 or 2-1 for most of the match can easily concede a late goal resulting in a draw. The odds reflect this in Rugby where draws often trade at anything from 18/1 whereas in football this is usually around the 2/1 mark.

With the planned and potential expansion  for the National Rugby League (NRL) in to America,  by 2010. This will increase betting volumes with opportunities possible with the combination of potential teams playing each other.  To date the focus has been on UK and Australian domestic fixtures.



Match Result

Handicap [+ / -]




Super League [February and July]

Championship [Kingstone Press Championship]

League 1 [Kingstone Press League 1]



National Rugby League [early March – September].

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