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Darts presents one of the core sports of NSI that form our selections and markets. Throughout the last 36 months we have identified and increased the profitability and consistency through darts betting. The game has seen continued popularity through coverage of the major darts tournaments and also the Darts Premier League which means viewers can watch the elite players on a weekly basis (every Thursday) over several months which presents regular elite level dart betting opportunities.

The trend in darts has meant the emergence of new players with a noticeable increase in the quality. To win a match especially in the later stages means posting a total of 100+, and even then a player may well lose the match. The increase in prize money through its promoter Barry Hearn with Sky, has seen the popularity soar.

There is also an increase in the game’s global reach with players emerging from all corners.  This has lead to a general higher level of competitiveness. This can be highlighted by looking at the rankings where once established players have drifted out of the top 10 or 20. Gone also are the days of Taylor cleaning up all the tournaments and that level of dominance having diminished due to the calibre of players  now coming on the scene. However if there is anyone who could dominate the sport, MVG is very much the man.

The current game seems to be dominated by MVG, Taylor, Wright, Lewis, Anderson who seem to be the most consistent in regularly getting into the later stages of tournaments.  As you can see in the selection below televised tournaments are played throughout the calender year as well as Pro-Tour / Qualification / Floor Tournaments running weekly. For those not completely familiar with the darts set-up these enable ranking points and participation to televised tournaments where there are typically no odds available. At NSI we focus exclusively on PDC televised events.

As with other sports there are a number of markets available. At Nexus we’ve highlighted markets that have been successully used either as combined with other darts accumulators or events in other sports.

Utilising a combination of selected markets we have provided some extremely high returns 50/1 – 100/1+!. Find out how in our NSI Definitive ToolKit.


  • Match Result
  • Most 180s
  • Match Trebles [Win the Match, Hit Most 180s and highest checkout]
  • Match Doubles [Win and Hit Most 180s]
  • Handicap [+ / -]: Legs / Sets
  • Total Legs
  • Scoreline



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